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Bedbug Pre-Treatment

Bedbug Pre-Treatment Checklist:

All pets must be removed from the treated area for a minimum of 4 hours after the treatment.

Aquarium – cover, turn off air-intake pump during treatment.

All beds must be stripped to bare matresses.

Items stored under beds must be removed, and may require treatment.

All furniture in bedrooms or affected rooms must be emptied. All items must be removed, not just clothing.

All closets must be emptied.

All clothes removed from bedrooms should be bagged, washed in hot water, then stored in a safe area or sealed bags until after the treatment is completed. Clothing and items may be put back 24 hours after treatment

The technician will require access to all areas of the home, especially baseboards in all rooms.

Plug plates and light switch plates must be removed prior to treatment.

Matresses which are heavily infested must either be sealed in an approved impermiable mattress cover or disposed of (if new mattress is purchased – seal prior to entering treated area).

In some severe situations, carpeting may have to be removed.