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Flea pre-Treatment

Flea Pre-Treatment Checklist:

All floor areas must be clear prior to treatment. Clothes, toys, shoes, pet related items etc must be off the floors.

All floor surfaces should be swept, mopped, or vaccumed prior to treatment.

After vaccuming, vaccum bags should be disposed of. Flea eggs may hatch in the bags and reinfest.

All pets must be removed from the treated area for a minimum of 4 hours after the treatment.

Dogs and Cats should be treated for fleas prior to treatment.

Aquarium – cover, turn off air-intake pump during treatment.

After treatment, floor surfaces may NOT be washed for 30 days. However, frequent sweeping and vaccuming is encouraged. This period of time allows all unhatched fleas to activate and contact the product.

A successful Flea treatment requires 30 days for full control. Positive results are noticed rapidly, but the complete life cycle of the fleas is not broken until all insects have hatched out.

Units which are vacant, or not often occupied may require additional treatment. Fleas require heat or vibrations to trigger hatching, and unhatched fleas are unaffected by treatment.